Testing is the process of evaluating a system or its component(s) with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. Performance status of Boiler and its auxiliaries shall be reviewed by conducting appropriate test. However, Performance calculation to be followed as per codes and standards.

GEECO's conducts the following test.

a) Performance Guarantee Test of Boiler to verify and prove the agreed guarantees as per the contract.

b) Performance Evaluation Test of Boiler to assess the present condition and for improvement with respect to following condition .

i) Checking of actual performance against specified performance

ii) Comparing changes in performance over time with specified performance

iii) Comparing performance under various operating conditions Like; Air flow , Number of mills in services, Changes in fuel properties & Ambient condition

iv) To accommodate present fuel availability to meet out design condition of boiler.

a) Hot air flow test

b) Clean air flow test/dirty air flow test

a) Efficiency test

a) Performance gurantee & evaluation test

a) Air in leakage test

b) Gas Distribution test

c) Performance of ESP

d) Efficiency (Emission test)

e) Power consumption

f) Pressure drop

a) Assesment of flow and velocity validation and optimisation through CFD analysis.

b) Cold air velocity tests in second pass of Boiler (CAVT)

c) Air flow & Gas flow validation test for all types of layout and ducts.