GEECO is capable of supplying different profiles of heating elements to suit different characteristics of fuels. GEECO has established a sophisticated heating element production line. The sheets are corrugated by rolling process and basketed for easy handling. By ordering the heating elements on GEECO, you are assured that the heating elements are manufactured from the correct materials with accurate profiles and basketed for exact fitment.

Special features of GEECO Baskets

  • Material specification confirming to the standards

  • Ensuring accurate fitment at site (i.e.) Correct fitment instead of loose fitment

  • Baskets redesigned for sturdiness

  • End to End filling

  • Profiles to the international standards

  • Weight of the supplied baskets, as offered

  • GEECO can offer advanced profiles to improve the thermal performance. 

  • GEECO has supplied the baskets from the smallest size air preheaters of package boilers to the highest size of Air Preheaters of 700 MW power boilers. 

  • GEECO is the only organization which guarantees the performance for the replacement of Total baskets, seals and other required spares. You can calculate your additional savings due to GEECO replacements.



GEECO can supply the quality Enameled heating elements, in close association with "M/s.Ferro Techniek, Netherlands", to meet the stringent international enameling testing standards for air preheaters as well as Gas to Gas heaters for better life.

GEECO has supplied the enameled baskets for domestic and export orders up to 300 MW power boilers.