GEECO has become a well-recognized organization in the field of Air Preheaters by offering solutions which are engineered to International Standards in order to meet specific requirements and specifications of the customers. We undertake orders for Assessment Studies to ascertain whether any modification can be made that could increase operating performance. GEECO Air Preheater replacement parts are fabricated to meet the original specification of custom engineered rotary Air Preheater. This ensures the same performance as the original equipment while maintaining the structural integrity.

GEECO is capable of supplying different profiles of heating elements to suit different characteristics of fuels. GEECO has established a sophisticated heating element production line. The sheets are corrugated by rolling process and baskets are supplied ensuring sturdiness for handling and to ensure long life. By ordering the heating elements on GEECO, End Users are assured that the heating elements are manufactured from the correct materials with accurate profiles and basket for exact fitment. Apart from Heating Element Baskets, GEECO supplies various spares for thermal power plants throughout the world and has earned recognition by supplying quality products.