A multifaceted personality who holds a Post Graduation in Mechanical Engineering and has a long experience with Air Preheaters Engineering, Development, starting with BHEL since 1975. He was trained at Combustion Engineering, USA in the field of Air Preheaters. He headed the Air Preheater Division at Alstom. He has worked with most of the Air Preheater designs available around the globe. He is actively involved in the selection, design and field engineering of Air preheaters with main focus in New Air Preheaters, up gradation and solving the problems in existing Air preheaters. He has chaired and also conducted various technical workshops and seminars for engineers in India and abroad. As the Company's Chairman & Managing Director, he puts in place adequate operational planning and financial control systems and always strives to develop strategical plans towards the growth and operation of the Company. He guides and motivates the Company to drive changes in developing new products and services. In short, he is a visionary with a clear business acumen.


A versatile entrepreneur who holds an Engineering Industry since 1982 for Manufacturing Boiler components with “Indian Boiler Regulation Authority” certification. He has experience in manufacturing components for Cement and Steel Plants. He guides and monitors the overall workflow of the Company. He takes special care of Financial activities in which he provides confidence in making sound investment decisions and monitors the operating and financial results against the Company's plans and budgets. In addition, he also takes part in other allied activities in GEECO.



A well-rounded personality and a technical expert who is basically a Mechanical Engineer and further has done dual Masters from Germany, one in Management & the other in the technical field of Computational Engineering. He takes up both Technical & Managerial roles by actively taking part in Management, Engineering Development, Information Technology and other research oriented activities in GEECO. With his 15 years of practical experience in multiple disciplines, he has been a tremendous contributor to the success of numerous projects, comparative studies & optimizations in IT, CFD & FEA throughout the world. He has brought in many transformational changes in GEECO by providing cost-effective solutions such as ERP Implementation, Open source server/client(s) implementation, Concept & Programming of Air Preheater performance program and so on.Having worked in Bombardier, Germany and  CD-adapco, Germany, he has handled different types of customers around the world. As a Management Advisor, he takes up multiple responsibilities and readily guides in building up a team to work hand-in-hand in finishing our projects. Apart from this, he is leading TEFUGEN Technologies Private Limited as Managing Director, which offers complete IT/Engineering solutions to various types of industries.